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Gore and Beauty in the Religious Crisis of a Jerusalem Yeshiva Boy

By On July 5, 2016

Trigger warning: there is a lot of gore and beauty in this film. In an early scene of the Israeli feature film Tikkun, our protagonist Haim-Aaron slices his hand and faints from… Read More

The Radical Israeli Activists Who Golda Meir Famously Called "Not Nice"

The Radical Israeli Activists Who Golda Meir Famously Called “Not Nice”

By On June 22, 2016

The Black Lives Matters movement has rich precedents not just in the American Black Panthers movement of the 1960s and 1970s, but in an Israeli activist group of the same name. Back… Read More

How Lord of the Rings Author George R. R. Martin Imagined a Future Jerusalem

How Game of Thrones Author George R. R. Martin Imagined a Future Jerusalem

By On June 7, 2016

Imagine Israel has been split into two states, and Israelis and Palestinians share Jerusalem, which is jointly governed by Israel, Jordan, Palestine, and Great Britain. This is the setup of “The Journal… Read More

The 260-Year-Old Church Ladder That Shows Just How Much Jews and Christians Have in Common

This 260-Year-Old Church Ladder Shows Just How Much Jews and Christians Have in Common

By On December 24, 2015

If you’re feeling lonely on this most Christian of days, just think of all that Jews and Christians have in common. Namely: in-fighting. In the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, located in… Read More

P.S. Jerusalem

Finding Home But Risking Your Family, in Jerusalem

By On November 13, 2015

When filmmaker Danae Elon became pregnant with her third child in 2010, she decided to address her years-long feeling of displacement by moving her husband and young sons from Brooklyn to the… Read More

Superheroes storm Jerusalem

Comic-Book Heroes Storm Jerusalem

By On February 20, 2014

The paper-cut artist Isaac Brynjegard-Bialik—whose website, tellingly, is—appropriates old comic books into some seriously Jewish art. In his new exhibit at UCLA’s Hillel, “Super Heroes, Holy Land,” Brynjegard-Bialik presents comic-book panels that have been chopped… Read More


The Anti-Semitic Origins of “Hip Hip Hooray”?

By On January 21, 2014

Three cheers for the bat mitzvah girl! Hip hip hooray! Hip hip… wait, stop. This is all wrong. Turns out our good old American cheer derives from an old anti-Semitic rallying cry,… Read More


A Muslim, a Jew, and a Jerusalem Kabbalist

By On December 19, 2013

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure—and sometimes, one man’s trash is another man’s history. In her second novel, In the Courtyard of the Kabbalist, Ruchama King Feuerman explores the ways two men—one Jewish, one… Read More


A Graphic Novel with Jerusalem as its Hero

By On August 28, 2013

Boaz Yakin’s latest graphic novel, Jerusalem, based on his family history, begins and ends with a boy running: first to arrive at school on time, and later, to escape the grisly scene of… Read More


A Cookbook Called Jerusalem

By On November 16, 2012

Chefs Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi were both born in Jerusalem in 1968. Both men had mothers who served lavish breakfasts with mystifying ease, and both inhaled falafel on their midday walks home from school, spoiling… Read More


Jerusalem, in IMAX

By On June 26, 2012

You’ve never seen Israel like this. In the new IMAX film Jerusalem, lush forests and emerald coastlines go up against miraculously jagged mountains and deserts all filmed in a soaring panorama. It’s packed with the kind of visuals… Read More


The Most Popular Palestinian Writer in Israel

By On May 15, 2012

Sayed Kashua has made a career out of being an anomaly: A Hebrew-speaking Muslim Israeli Arab. As a writer, he pens a weekly column for Haaretz, a major Israeli newspaper, and he writes the hilarious… Read More