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A Tel Aviv Artist Explores Her Tehran Roots

By On May 13, 2016

Tel Aviv-based visual artist Elham Rokni was born in Tehran and has lived in Israel since she was 9. Her work reflects on displacement and memory, and in media ranging from drawings… Read More

Reading the Koran in Yiddish

Reading the Koran in Yiddish

By On October 27, 2015

Demand for a Yiddish translation of the Koran has never been particularly high, but that didn’t discourage Solomon Blumgarten, penname Yehoash. Blumgarten (1872-1927), a Lithuanian-born New Yorker, translated parts of the Islamic… Read More

hand of god

Hand of God

By On April 29, 2011

People sometimes talk about being “touched by God,” and the hamsa takes this metaphor to a different level by giving it a physical manifestation. The hamsa isn’t exactly God’s hand, but is rather a spiritual… Read More

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