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Hot Pockets Were Invented by These Iranian Jewish Brothers

By On March 17, 2017

The American dream is microwaveable. At least it was for Paul and David Merage (formerly Meraj), the Jewish Iranian immigrant brothers behind America’s favorite savory drunk snack, the Hot Pocket. The brothers… Read More


The Top 10 Surprisingly Kosher Animals—and Delicious Ways to Eat Them

By On November 11, 2016

 Whether it’s pot-zah ball soup or schnitzel tacos there’s a definite global hankering for new spins on Jewish classic recipes. For those who are intrigued by these new food trends, we’ve rounded up… Read More

The Jewish Reggae King from Washington, D.C.

The Jewish Reggae King from Washington, D.C.

By On April 30, 2015

  Other than the connections between Judaism and Rastafarianism, and maybe good ol’ Matisyahu, there aren’t too many links between Jews and reggae. That is, if you’re not counting Gary Himelfarb, a.k.a.… Read More


The Kubbeh Project Takes NYC

By On February 27, 2013

During the first 3 weeks of March, Tel Aviv-based chef Itamar Lewensohn will serve up Iraqi-Jewish comfort food beside the cafes, yoga studios, and music venues of New York City’s East Village. The… Read More


Matzah-Flavored Beer

By On July 9, 2012

During the holiday of Passover, many Jews eschew bread, as well as most other grain products that might be leavened, or risen: Crackers, bagels, pasta, cake, and even beer (the latter is made from fermented barley, a… Read More


The Pork We Didn’t Eat

By On June 10, 2011

Earlier this year, journalist Jeffrey Yoskowitz started the site to be exactly what it sounds like–a collection of people’s memories about a “complicated meat.” Notably, nearly half the contributors so far are Jewish or Muslim. The… Read More


A Challah for Every Torah Portion

By On February 15, 2011

Each week, Jews all over the world read a portion of the Torah, advancing through the stories like an episodic TV show. And each week, Julie Seltzer, a Torah scribe and Jewish educator,… Read More

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