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It’s Hip to Be Square

March 14, 2012

Most people have a definite mental image of what matzah should look like: It’s evenly perforated, crunchy, and square. However, if you showed a piece of contemporary Manischewitz matzah to a Jew of the past–whether they lived 200 years ago or 2000–it wouldn’t look anything like their matzah, which was most likely round, soft,…

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One Fat Pharaoh

December 10, 2011

How did the Israelites escape from their slavery in Egypt? If you trust Roy L. Moody, a doctor who…

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Minority Report

March 9, 2011
minority report

News reports can be famously subjective. An event that’s described as a violent uprising by…

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No One Is All Bad

December 21, 2010
No one is all bad

Like any compelling story, the saga of the…

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