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A Mix-and-Match Haggadah

June 25, 2012

Were all Egyptians pro-slavery? Children’s author Lemony Snicket suggests that even if most Egyptians started out in favor of subjugating the Israelites, they probably wavered after the Ten Plagues started. After burning hail, wild beasts, and lice, he says, “even Pharaoh’s son was probably an abolitionist–a word here which means ‘in favor of ending…

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An American Childhood in Egypt

June 1, 2012
an american childhoof in egypt

Sipping from the Nile, a new memoir, tells the story of Jean Naggar, who is…

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No One Is All Bad

December 21, 2010
No one is all bad

Like any compelling story, the saga of the Israelites’ exodus from Egypt has bad guys–the Egyptians–and  good guys–Moses and, well,…

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