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These American Holocaust Rescuers Are Remembered in Ken Burns’s New Film

By On September 19, 2016

Documentarian Ken Burns, known for award-winning films like Jazz and Baseball (and bad haircuts), now turns his sights on an untold chapter of Holocaust history: the extraordinary story of Americans Waitstill and… Read More


Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Hummus Is In This Film

By On August 31, 2016

Where can you find the best hummus in the world, and understand what goes into it? Hummus! The Movie provides some answers while offering a fun and fascinating look at the cutthroat… Read More

A Riveting Gay Family Drama, From Israel to London and Back Again

A Riveting Gay Family Drama, From Israel to London and Back Again

By On August 9, 2016

During rehearsal for the London Gay Men’s Chorus, Saar Maoz gets a shoulder massage from the man behind him while giving one to the man in front of him. Their voices sound… Read More

When Egyptian Movies Ruled Israeli Airwaves

When Egyptian Movies Ruled Israeli Airwaves

By On July 20, 2016

In the three decades between Israel’s founding and the 1979 peace treaty with Egypt, the relationship between the two neighbors was tense. And yet, Israelis eagerly turned on their TVs every Friday… Read More

A New Really Tacky Half-Animated Hitler Mockumentary!

A New Really Tacky Half-Animated Hitler Mockumentary!

By On July 4, 2016

Cult animator Bill Plympton’s new film, the mockumentary Hitler’s Folly, was recently released on his website for free. But when you consider that time is money, well…this film is expensive. Plympton, beloved… Read More

Being Dead Hasn't Stopped Rabin From Narrating His New Biopic

Yitzhak Rabin Narrates His New Biopic From The Grave

By On May 6, 2016

  “I think you could say I’m an introverted person. I don’t know if I’m friendly or unfriendly.” These words, spoken by an uncharacteristically confessional Yitzhak Rabin, mark the start of Israeli… Read More

everything is copy

A New Film About Writer Nora Ephron’s Life, Lovingly Made by Her Son

By On May 5, 2016

When the acerbic, brilliant Jewish essayist, novelist, screenwriter, and director Nora Ephron (When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle) was a child, her mother used to tell her, “Everything is copy.” What… Read More


What Would Philosopher Hannah Arendt Say About the Documentary of Her Life?

By On April 25, 2016

Like most important thinkers, Hannah Arendt was many things: anti-nationalist but briefly Zionist, essentially German but defiantly Jewish, intellectually rigorous and romantically passionate. Vita Activa – the Spirit of Hannah Arendt, a… Read More

Two Jews in Love--in Yiddish--in Havana

Two Jews in Love (in Yiddish) in Havana

By On April 12, 2016

Today Cuba is in the news for resuming diplomatic relations with the United States after a four-decade Cold War freeze. But it was a very different place in 1942, when Reuben and… Read More


A Jewish Mother-Daughter Relationship Like No Other

By On April 4, 2016

In a telling scene midway through Emmy award-winning filmmaker Gayle Kirschenbaum’s new documentary Look At Us Now, Mother!, Gayle’s mother explains to the camera, “One of the reasons that I might not… Read More

Golden Dawn Poster

How One Greek Woman is Exposing Golden Dawn’s Neo-Nazi and Fascist Beliefs

By On March 1, 2016

Five years ago, when journalist and filmmaker Angélique Kourounis began trailing Greece’s far-right Golden Dawn party, it wasn’t simply because she wanted to expose the political organization’s neo-Nazi and fascist beliefs—they do… Read More

leonard cohen

When Leonard Cohen Was a Buddhist Monk

By On February 28, 2016

Wearing aviator sunglasses and a monk’s robe, Leonard Cohen sits, smoking a cigarette, and recites a poem. “I am too old to learn the names of the new killers,” he says, takes… Read More

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