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What’s So Funny About the Holocaust? This New Film Asks

By On March 14, 2017

The notion that, for millennia, Jews have used humor to cope with persecution and struggle isn’t new—but the idea that certain topics may be off-limits to that humor is. So the question… Read More


The Raunchiest Orthodox Mom Doing Stand-Up

By On February 6, 2017

Stand-up comedian Talia Reese will definitely have a home-cooked meal and a fresh challah on her table next Friday night. But as soon as the sun sets on Saturday, she’ll be onstage performing… Read More


Brother Theodore Survived Dachau Then Made Dark, Wonderful Comedy About Despair

By On September 1, 2016

If you were knew of Brother Theodore, you know him for his monologues. Lit starkly, dark eyes aglint, the German-born Jewish comedian ranted about death and dismay—in the funniest way possible.… Read More

How Amy Schumer’s Bat Mitzvah Disaster Inspired Her Career in Comedy

How Amy Schumer’s Bat Mitzvah Disaster Inspired Her Comedy Career

By On August 29, 2016

How Jewish is Amy Schumer? Well, for starters, the Emmy Award-winning comedian, actress and writer traces her interest in stand-up comedy to her Long Island bat mitzvah. In her new collection of… Read More


Jewish Haitian-American TV Host Eric André is Taking Comedy By Storm

By On August 18, 2016

There’s a very good chance that Eric André is not for you. The Jewish Haitian-American comedian excels at a brand of absurdist, surrealist humor that marries the delicious discomfort of Larry David… Read More

Jerry Lewis's Tacky Holocaust Movie Has Mysteriously Surfaced Yet Again

Jerry Lewis’s Tacky Holocaust Movie Has Mysteriously Surfaced Yet Again

By On June 21, 2016

Fans of filmic curios and tacky Holocaust art are having a party right now on the Internet, thanks to the recent resurfacing of legendary Jewish comedian Jerry Lewis’s “buried” 1972 film The… Read More

Ronna and Beverley

These Hilarious, Podcasting Jewish Yentas Have Got the Goods

By On January 28, 2016

Ronna Glickman and Beverly Ginsberg have some advice for you – and they’ll give it whether you like it or not. These two Jewish yentas are the hilarious creations of actresses Jessica… Read More

Judy Gold's Comedy is Dirtier than Yours!

Judy Gold: Her Comedy is Dirtier than Yours!

By On July 16, 2015

  She already won two Emmy® awards. She’s a world-renowned comedian, performer, writer, and mom, offering up her uncensored opinions on motherhood, Judaism, and gender equality. She used to co-host The View,… Read More


Jews: Not Funny Anymore

By On May 12, 2014

You want we should make you laugh? “Too late!” says When Jews Were Funny, a new documentary by acclaimed Canadian filmmaker Alan Zweig. Named the Best Canadian Feature Film at its 2013 Toronto… Read More


Martha Stewart and the Case of the WASPy Matzah

By On April 18, 2014

Poor Martha Stewart. A few years ago she wasn’t invited to a Passover seder. Never one to miss an opportunity to participate in a lavish meal, Stewart—though not a Jew herself—wanted to keep… Read More


Morning Jew News & Schmooze!

By On April 3, 2014

What do you get when two Jewish comedians—one in Oakland and another in New York City—put their Skype convos up on the web for all to see? Welcome to Morning Jew, a smart… Read More


The Funniest Jewish ‘Broads’ on TV

By On March 12, 2014

For all the schlemiels who have the chutzpah to suggest that women aren’t funny, we have two words for you: “Broad City.” As in, Broad City, Comedy Central’s new hit show featuring two substance-using, cussing, and schtick-loving… Read More

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