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This Cult Classic Indie Rock Album is a Surprising Tribute to Anne Frank

This Cult Classic Indie Rock Album is a Surprising Tribute to Anne Frank

By On July 18, 2016

  Neutral Milk Hotel is the kind of band that one either fanatically loves or has never heard of. Their 1998 folk rock magnum opus “In the Aeroplane Over the Sea” is… Read More

The Japanese Tampon Named for Anne Frank

The Japanese Tampon Named for Anne Frank

By On January 5, 2016

Remember how candidly Anne Frank described getting her period in her famous diary? “I can hardly wait,” she wrote. “It’s such a momentous event. Too bad I can’t use sanitary napkins but… Read More


All About Anne

By On August 30, 2012

 If you read The Diary of Anne Frank in high school you might think you know her whole story, but check out these Jewniverses that explore Anne Frank’s life in new and… Read More


Disney’s Anne Frank

By On March 6, 2012

A death-defying chase down an Amsterdam sewer. A theme song called “Living Free (Until the Nazis Find Us Again)” that’s just begging for an Academy Award. A nest of musical rats living in an attic who meet Anne Frank and her… Read More


The Other Anne Franks

By On February 1, 2012

Shalom Auslander’s new novel Hope: A Tragedy takes a calculated risk: It’s a neurotic, bizarre story that mines the Holocaust for humor. The plot involves a paranoid middle-aged Jew, obsessed with death and his own mortality, who… Read More

bookcase - secret annexe

David Sedaris’ Perfect Apartment

By On September 5, 2011

Humorist David Sedaris has made a career out of relating the silliest parts of his life in essay form. In the 2004 story “Possession,” he and his boyfriend had the perfect Paris… Read More

love songs for anne frank

Love Songs for Anne Frank

By On December 9, 2010

The band Neutral Milk Hotel only recorded two albums before its lead guitarist and songwriter, Jeff Mangum, retreated from the public eye. Yet their second album, In the Aeroplane over the Sea (1998),… Read More

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