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Now Odysseus Speaks Judeo-Spanish!

Now Odysseus Speaks Judeo-Spanish!

By On July 15, 2015

  What language did Odysseus speak when he arrived home after his long journey? In Moshe Ha’elyon’s world–and new book–it’s Ladino. The 87-year old survivor of Auschwitz spent four years bringing Homer’s… Read More


The Rabbinic Sage Who Dismembered His Adversaries

By On July 9, 2013

Talmudic and aggadic lore offers many episodes of rabbinic sages intellectually defeating the luminaries of the Hellenistic world. Far less common are instances of rabbis dismembering their pagan nemeses. So 2nd-century Rabbi Joshua Ben Hananiah really stands… Read More



By On August 4, 2011

The word amen is Hebrew, dating back to the Book of Numbers–but it’s not only used by Jews. When the ancient Greeks controlled the Land of Israel, the word entered the Greek language. From there, the little word made its… Read More

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