Leah Falk

Leah Falk is from Pittsburgh. She earned an M.F.A. from the University of Michigan, and her poems can be found in issues of FIELD, Kenyon Review, Smartish Pace, and other journals. She has also written for Haaretz, The Los Angeles Review of Books, and The Jewish Daily Forward, and is the founder and editor of MFA Day Job, a blog featuring writers who make a living outside of academe. She likes strong women, bagels, and lakes.


When the Holocaust Debuted on 1950s Reality TV

By On October 6, 2016

As Holocaust survivors leave us, we can be thankful that their testimony has been recorded in hours of interviews and in memoirs. But in 1953, one of the first primary sources the… Read More


The Rosh Hashanah Sephardic Seder

By On September 30, 2016

Pop quiz: How many seders are in the Jewish year? If you said “one,” sorry, but we have to send you back to Hebrew school. Though it’s relatively unknown to the Ashkenazim… Read More

The Renowned German Jewish Woman Writer You've Never Heard Of

The Best German Jewish Woman Writer You’ve Never Heard Of

By On September 15, 2016

Thirty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, literature is still just emerging from the former East Germany. The latest is Crossing: A Love Story, a gripping novel by a Jewish… Read More


Meet the Jewish Woman Being Kissed in the Iconic Times Square Photo

By On September 13, 2016

In the catalogue of iconic American photos, we might know this one best: The sailor dipping a woman in a white nurse’s uniform to kiss her, her left arm betraying her reticence.… Read More


The Aussie Divorcee Who Wrote Poetry About Lower East Side Jews

By On September 2, 2016

By the time Lola Ridge really got started, most women of her era might have given up: In 1907, as a 33-year-old divorcee, she left Australia, the land of her youth, for… Read More


Searching For a Long-Lost Lover, From Israel to the American Open Road

By On August 25, 2016

Is That You?, a new film by director Dani Menkin, straddles two rom-com sub-genres: the road trip movie and the film-about-making-a-film movie. Ronnie (Alon Aboutboul), a recently laid-off Israeli projectionist, is given… Read More

RIP Jerry the Jew, Infamous Jailhouse Lawyer

“Jerry the Jew,” Infamous Cop-Killer and Jailhouse Lawyer

By On July 12, 2016

With controversies around policing and law enforcement roiling the nation, we’ve got a notorious 20th-century story on the mind: that of America’s longest-running jailhouse lawyer, anti-hero Jerome Rosenberg, known to his fellow… Read More


Watch This Tearjerker Commencement Address by a Jewish Legal Superstar

By On June 21, 2016

Each year, commencement speakers have the challenge of blending the inspirational with the wry, the pragmatic with the idealistic. But sometimes, a personal history fits the bill. Rosalie Abella, the first Jewish… Read More


They Made A Paper Doll Outta Grandpa Bernie

By On June 7, 2016

Things are not looking good for Bernie Sanders right now, but that doesn’t mean we’re giving up our commemorative Bernie swag. In particular, we’ll be hanging onto Dover Publications’ set of paper… Read More

Muhammad Ali's Little-Known Jewish Past

Muhammad Ali’s Little-Known Jewish Side

By On June 5, 2016

It’s become something of a cliche for the Jewish press, upon hearing of a cultural icon’s death, to explore his or her “Jewish side.” But in the case of Muhammad Ali, it’s… Read More

A Mother-Daughter Lower East Side Yiddish Pregnancy Tale

A Mother-Daughter Lower East Side Yiddish Pregnancy Tale

By On May 16, 2016

Throughout Jennifer S. Brown’s debut novel Modern Girls, it’s easy to think you’ve been here before, in a 1930s Lower East Side that’s recognizable from such chroniclers as Henry Roth and Irving… Read More


What Would Philosopher Hannah Arendt Say About the Documentary of Her Life?

By On April 25, 2016

Like most important thinkers, Hannah Arendt was many things: anti-nationalist but briefly Zionist, essentially German but defiantly Jewish, intellectually rigorous and romantically passionate. Vita Activa – the Spirit of Hannah Arendt, a… Read More

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