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78 Years Ago, Kristallnacht Brought a Country to its Knees

By On November 9, 2016

Seventy-eight years ago, on the night of November 9, millions of citizens of one of the western world’s foremost democracies went to sleep believing that the dark forces of human nature would continue… Read More


The Jewish Tradition of Circling the Dead

By On October 21, 2016

  On Simchat Torah, Jewish communities across the world will take to the streets and the synagogue social halls to dance circles around the Torah for the holiday. But long before this… Read More


Inside Israel’s $75,000 Sukkah

By On October 17, 2016

  Visitors to Jerusalem during the holiday of Sukkot are often struck by a unique site: overtaking balconies across the city’s Jewish neighborhoods, little metal and wooden huts topped with branches and… Read More


Incredible Sukkot Photos From Inside the Lodz Ghetto

By On October 16, 2016

During the Holocaust, Jews found innovative ways to maintain religious observance. From whispering Sabbath prayers at Auschwitz to carving potato menorahs at Bergen-Belsen, stories of risk and resistance have long been told. But… Read More


The New Cookbook Making Gefilte Fish Cool

By On September 18, 2016

Back in 2011, a few Jewish hipsters in Brooklyn did something to gefilte fish that had never been done before: They made it cool. Five years after launching their gourmet gefilte company,… Read More


See The Incredible, Humanizing Photographs by the Jewish Navy Man Who Captured WW2

By On September 6, 2016

Late last month, America lost a living legend. Fortunately, that legend left his legacy behind—in the form of 1500 photographic prints and negatives, too. In 1944, a Jewish kid from New Jersey… Read More

This Jewish Coney Island “Incubator Doctor” Saved Thousands of Premature Babies

This Jewish Coney Island “Incubator Doctor” Saved Thousands of Premature Babies

By On August 30, 2016

If you were born poor and premature in early 20th-century New York City, your chances for survival were slim. Few American hospitals had incubators, and the mortality rate for preemies was staggering.… Read More


Israeli Artist Evokes Yiddish Theater With Dead Sea Bridal Dress

By On August 28, 2016

It turns out an amazing thing happens to traditional black Hasidic dresses when submerged in the Dead Sea for three months: They turn white and start sparkling with encrusted salt crystals. Over… Read More

This Holocaust Survivor Won More Olympic Gymnastic Medals Than Any Other Jewish Woman in History

This Holocaust Survivor Won More Olympic Gymnastics Medals Than Any Other Jewish Woman in History

By On August 22, 2016

Sixty years before Aly Raisman brought home her gold, the world had its eyes on another Jewish Olympic gymnast: a Hungarian woman with a backstory even more arresting than her floor routine.… Read More

The Ancient Belief in Jewish Bones Tunneling to Jerusalem on Judgment Day

The Ancient Belief in Jewish Bones Tunneling to Jerusalem on Judgment Day

By On July 29, 2016

Life in ancient Palestine was rough. The Jews who left for Babylonia tended to have it easier, living under kinder rulers than those in Roman and Byzantine Palestine. But those Palestinian Jews… Read More

Meet the Bal Ej, Ethiopia's Other Jews

Meet the Bal Ej, Ethiopia’s Other Jews

By On January 18, 2016

  Americans tend to think of Blacks and Jews as distinct groups: Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel marching alongside Martin Luther King, Jr.; Goodman, Chaney, and Schwerner going down South for Freedom Summer.… Read More

This Wild Performance Artist is Shattering Every Israeli Taboo

By On January 14, 2016

Israeli performance artist Natali Cohen Vaxberg is likely to be indicted for a video she uploaded to YouTube featuring her defecating on an Israeli flag, among others (warning: not for the faint… Read More

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