The Prime Time Jewvangelist on a Website Near You

February 26, 2014 | By

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The Prime Time Jewvangelist on a Website Near YouRabbi Leah Levy has a problem: no one is showing up for services at her temple. But why? Should she blame the cantor, a wannabe pop star who believes he has “good looks, perfect hair, and a Streisand-esque voice”? Could it be because of her twin brother, a nearby rival rabbi who’s drawing people away? Rabbi Levy decides to take some lessons from an unlikely quarter: Mormon missionaries. Rabbi Levi’s off to “Jewvangelize.”

If this sounds like the premise to a witty new TV show, that’s probably because it is.

The new Jewvangelist web series launched earlier this month, with an episode airing once a week. It’s full of the absurdity and physical comedy you’d want in a sitcom, but it also asks some deeper questions: How do we choose our spiritual community? How can a rabbi help others, and even herself?

We don’t mean to Jewvangelize, but be prepared to think a little, even as you’re laughing.

Watch the first episode:

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