The Weirdest Passover Ever

April 6, 2012 | By

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Here are a few of our favorite Passover-related oddities.

I Can’t Believe It’s Kosher for Passover

Passover can be a culinary nightmare. This year, the Nosher blog asked chefs from all over–from vegans to the chef of the Prime Grill (as well as a pastry chef!)–to share their favorite Passover dishes with us. Pictured, by the way: pareve key lime pie.
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Passover Cleaning in Hollywood 
Cleaning for Passover, preparing for a role on Big Bang Theory, and missing your Bubbe–it isn’t your average pre-Passover ritual. But when you’re Mayim Bialik, that’s just what you gotta do.
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The Real Meaning of Freedom 
What does it mean to be free? One way to answer that is by remembering what it’s like to be a slave. Here’s a letter written by a freed slave to his former master, reflecting on his old life…and celebrating his new one.
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