Jerusalem in Google’s Eyes

May 9, 2012 | By

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The amazing Street View function on Google Maps has given us a whole new universe¬†of potential time-wasting. It’s possible to drag a little orange figure¬†virtually anywhere on a map of the U.S., and¬†cruise around the streets in 3-D, seeing¬†houses, parks, stores, even spotting your car or your neighbors walking around.

Awesomely, Google has extended its functionality to other places–at first to parts of¬†Europe, and, now, to¬†Jerusalem. Navigating along¬†Street View, you can visit the Ben-Yehuda Street mall, pass by the¬†open market¬†on Agripas Street, and cruise up Yafo¬†Street to the entrance to the Old City.

Unfortunately Street View can‚Äôt enter every part of Jerusalem’s Old City, where streets are are too narrow for Google’s camera cars. There’s a consolation¬†prize, however: Google uses publicly-uploaded photos to create¬†composite scenes¬†such as the¬†Western Wall¬†and the¬†Dome of the Rock, allowing you to see¬†breathtaking¬†panoramas¬†with no need to renew your passport or even get up from your computer.

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