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June, 2012


A Tribute to Leonard Cohen

By On June 29, 2012

Leonard Cohen is a modern-day renaissance man–musician, poet, philosopher, mystic. He’s both a practicing Buddhist and an observant Jew. And, as we have previously noted on Jewniverse (read it here), some of his songs are so intricately based on Bible texts,… Read More


The Inspiration of Desperation

By On June 29, 2012

There’s a way to be inspired by everything–even mourning. The three weeks leading up to Tisha B’Av, a period known in Judaism (cleverly) as the “Three Weeks,” is a traditionally somber period.  According to the Mishnah (Taanit… Read More


Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

By On June 28, 2012

In the new novel Me and Earl and the Dying Girl by Jesse Andrews, Greg Gaines is a lucky high schooler. He gets to hang out with popular girls at school, and then retreat to the… Read More

na nach

Jumping for Joy

By On June 27, 2012

In Israel, the NaNach movement, a subset of Bratslav Hasidism, has attracted thousands of followers. The movement was founded in 1962 by Yisroel Dov Odesser, a Bratslav rabbi. Odesser claimed to have discovered a “letter from Heaven”… Read More


Jerusalem, in IMAX

By On June 26, 2012

You’ve never seen Israel like this. In the new IMAX film Jerusalem, lush forests and emerald coastlines go up against miraculously jagged mountains and deserts all filmed in a soaring panorama. It’s packed with the kind of visuals… Read More


A Mix-and-Match Haggadah

By On June 25, 2012

Were all Egyptians pro-slavery? Children’s author Lemony Snicket suggests that even if most Egyptians started out in favor of subjugating the Israelites, they probably wavered after the Ten Plagues started. After burning hail, wild beasts,… Read More


Caring Enough to Hit “Send”

By On June 25, 2012

SomeEcards is a fun website that creates snarky, informal cards–their motto is, “when you care enough to hit ‘send’.” The cards on the site are almost always sarcastic and funny–for instance, there’s a birthday… Read More


Log On to the Dead Sea Scrolls

By On June 22, 2012

Lately, there’s been a push to digitize everything–old family movies, record collections. Our lives are fleeting and fast. We want to save our cherished memories, and somehow make them last forever. So it shouldn’t… Read More

simpsons bible

The Dark Side of the Bible

By On June 22, 2012

In one of the darkest moments in the war between Homer Simpson and Ned Flanders on the TV show The Simpsons, Homer is about to unleash a swarm of locusts on his adversary. “Wow,” crows his… Read More


Silver Jews Ride into the Sunset

By On June 21, 2012

These days, writer and musician David Berman is getting more mileage out of his bizarre New Yorker-like cartoons than he is from Silver Jews, the band he used to lead. The Silver Jews–for which Berman… Read More


The Secret Jewish Burial Society

By On June 20, 2012

The hevra kadisha, or “holy fraternity,” is a group that ritually cleans a dead body before it’s buried. A hevra kadisha exists in virtually every Jewish community. Participating in one is rarely a high-profile job, and… Read More

sexy beijing

Sexy Beijing

By On June 19, 2012

Imagine a pool in a luxury spa in the center of China, with vaulted ceilings and exquisitely painted walls, filled with purified rainwater, and fit for an emperor to bathe in… Or, actually, an… Read More

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