Purim with Puppets

March 7, 2011 | By

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Purim celebrations are inherently wacky. We wear masks. We party (or drink) until we can’t tell the difference between the villainous Haman and the heroic Mordechai. We celebrate a world turned upside down; a would-be genocide that became a day of joyous festivities.

And this year, we watch YouTube videos of puppets.

Joey and Dingo, two brave and furry friends, volunteered to test-drive the holiday for our friends at Kveller.com. They observed the four mitzvot of Purim: Participating in charity, giving gifts of food to friends, partaking in a festive meal, and hearing the Purim story read aloud. And they recorded their adventures in a video.

This puppet observance might not become a thousand-year-old tradition…but we think it’s a pretty fun one, nonetheless.

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